You, beautiful soul, ARE WORTHY of the BEST!


Do you ever find yourself thinking about something amazing happening to you, like finding your dream job, or meeting your dream guy, or whatever it may be that you desire, and then BAM! The thought enters your mind...

"I don't deserve that."

I am here to tell you that, darling, YOU ARE WORTHY of the best that love and life have to offer!

Do you know why? It's not because you are "good" or every time you go to the store you donate to the charity of choice, or because you try your best at everything you do, or that you're kind to everyone around you, or, or, or. 

You are worthy of the BEST simply because you are a DAUGHTER OF THE KING, and the king died for you to have the best life.  That sacrifice was a high price to pay for a daughter that thinks she doesn't deserve the best.  

Many times we often settle for less than what's best with guys, friends, jobs... and maybe it's because we think we wont have anything better... but what if better was coming?  

I know that I have been there before, and I have settled for things that only hurt me and hurt my soul because I didn't feel worthy of better.

What are the things in your life that you are settling for instead of pursuing the BEST that God has for you, His daughter. 

I would love to pray for you, comment below or send me a message on the contact page. 

All the BEST,