Let's talk about the past...one last time, so you can be free!

Good Morning Beautiful!

Do you ever find yourself pining over things of the past?  Or thinking that something you did long ago defines you? Or is it hard for you to forgive someone that is trying to move on from their past?

I would like to give you some good news and remind you this morning that you don't have access to the past... IT. WAS. PURCHASED!  And you don't go and steal something back that someone bought from you, so it's gone...not yours anymore. 

I remember a point of time, years ago, when I was struggling with the past, and from time to time I still do... I think we all do.  But at this particular time I just couldn't shake it.  I found myself constantly praying about it, couldn't enjoy life, and my head was just somewhere else. Long story short, I found myself rescuing a bird from the beach, taking it to the animal hospital, and when walking back to my car, looked up and saw a church sign-

"Remember Lot's wife"

That's it, that's all it said.  And immediately it shook me, enough to take a picture! (If you don't know the story of Lot and his wife, look it up- Genesis 19).  Lot's wife looked back when she was seriously told not to, and she turned to a pillar of salt! I mean bam! That quick!

There is a reason why God says not to look back, why Jesus said not to look back, why Paul says he presses forward not looking back.  

You are NEW if you live for Jesus. EVERY DAY you are NEW! And if you don't know Jesus- email me.

Your identity AND the way you see others has to be how God sees us. This is when freedom in life really begins.  This is when destiny comes.  This is when you truly influence others because you are seeing the soul behind the wounds.  When you are in Christ, you really do have a responsibility to see yourself through the eyes of Jesus...and the rest of the world as well.

You have TODAY and you have TOMORROW...but you do not have the PAST, so don't try and visit it.  It's now in the hands of a miraculous God who is currently turning it around for our good (Romans 8:28)!!

Have a great day and share this if you feel led to.