The Mirage

We all find our worth in something.

Maybe it's your job- and climbing the ladder of success. Maybe it's in the words of others-good or bad, and those words either make or break you. Is it in how you look?  Who you know? Your boyfriend, husband or crush? Or could it be in the past, something you regret?

The issue with finding your worth in a label, is that it's not reality.  You are defining yourself through a mirage, it's false but seems real.  What IS real and true is how God sees us...and THAT is who we are.  

"...let God be true, but every man a liar" (Rom. 3:4, KJV).  

But you must first know how He sees us, and that is the key.  If we don't know that truth, then we will see ourselves through the eyes of lies. 

What happens to to someone in the desert when they see a mirage?  They believe it's real, and go towards it thinking it will offer them some sort of help to their destination.  When they get there they then realize that it was false.  

The same thing happens with us when we find our worth in anything other than how God sees us.  We may end up putting our efforts in something temporary that makes us feel worthy, only to find that we got lost in the process and now somewhere that we never wanted to be.

This website and the purpose of my book is a place of truth...where there really is water to drink- but it's living water.  No mirages here! This is a place where you will find how God sees YOU, so you can then see yourself clearly.  And when you see yourself in the light of truth, THEN you will be headed on the path to freedom- OUT OF THE DESERT AND INTO YOUR DESTINY!