Your Worth is not in Your Body

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Your worth is not found in your body.  You will never find what your SOUL is looking for in what your body can give you... no matter if it's pleasure, strength, or the type of body you are trying to achieve.  

Your worth isn't found in any of these.

Maybe you've tried to find your worth in giving your body away, only to find that it left you more empty.

Maybe you are looking for approval by having to have what the world thinks is a perfect body type.

Maybe you've looked to the toilet- thinking if you were able to get skinny enough, you could find the approval you need.

Or maybe you are looking for worth at the gym?  Are your muscles where you find your worth?

In no way am I saying that you shouldn't be healthy and keep your body in good condition.  What I am saying is this...

There is nothing that can satisfy your soul and make you comfortable in your own skin like Jesus can. 
And the many things that we believe can satisfy our souls, only leave us feeling more empty!

Jesus knows every. single. thing. about you.  He's the only thing that can truly satisfy the approval you are longing for if you let Him.  

Go to Him instead of letting guys take advantage of you.  Go to Him before you go to the gym every day.
Go to Jesus to nourish your soul, because it's there that your worth is found.  He will make you feel worthy of the best kind of love.  Pure love.  

If you don't know Jesus, He's only a breath away, and He's waiting to hear from you...