You are Beautiful!

Hi Beautiful!

I wanted to remind you today that YOU are so incredibly beautiful.  Everything about you was made with careful thought!  Your eye color, your hair color and thickness, your skin color, your fingers and toes, and the shape of your body.  YOU are so stunning to your creator, and it's time that you see yourself through His eyes.
Without're beautiful, in your grungy're beautiful, messy hair- not are still so beautiful! 
Seeing yourself through His eyes isn't easy at times, so it must be intentional, especially if we have had people make fun of certain things about our looks.  But first, you might just need some encouragement to know that what your creator sees is a perfect creation!  His masterpiece! 
He says that you are "beautifully and wonderfully made."
So, this week I want all my subscribers getting this email to do something that maybe you've never done before! 
And no matter how you "think" you look, I want you to go look in the mirror, with a smile on your face, and say to yourself, "(your name), you are beautifully and wonderfully made."  Say it again when you do your makeup, and again when you do your hair...every single morning until you feel it! 
And as you go about your day, tell another girl or woman that she's "SO beautiful," and watch her light up.

I hope that this week you are able to appreciate the masterpiece that you are!

Email me and let me know if this encourages you!